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Fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves is what we do at HARDEE, MARTIN, DONAHOE, & OWENS, P.A. law offices.  If you are faced with a legal challenge in Western or Middle Tennessee, contact us for your personal injury, worker’s compensation, family, criminal defense, probate, bankruptcy, or other legal matter.  Our dedicated and caring legal professionals and staff care for our clients and will stand up against injustice and oppression of your rights. 

If you choose us to help you with the challenges you face, know you will have our whole firm on your side both in the courtroom and in life.

We have offices located in JACKSON and TRENTON, Tennessee and can handle cases throughout the State of Tennessee.  We have also handled cases in surrounding states through admission pro hac vice.     

Whether you have been accused of a crime and need aggressive defense, suffered a life-altering injury, or are undergoing family-related challenges, we can help!  Our lawyers have experience in the following areas of practice:


1. Criminal defense (Federal and State including serious felony and misdemenor charges);

2. Personal injury;

3. Tractor-trailer and commercial truck accidents and injuries;

4. Motor vehicle collisions;

5. Family law including divorce, division of assets, marital dissolution, custody and visitation;

6. Bankruptcy;

7. Civil Rights (deprivation of constitutional rights by State Actors, including those by law enforcement and Child Protective Services);

8. Health care liability or medical negligence;

9. Workers' compensation;

10. Social Security disability;

11. Employment law or job related claims (including wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, wage-theft and failure to pay overtime).


People have often have questions about engaging a lawyer to handle their legal needs. In many situations, we offer free consultations, where we can address these questions. In addition to retainer work, in select cases, we will work on a "contingency" basis. This means there is no attorney fee charged to you, unless we win your case. 


Many of our existing clients were referred to us by other lawyers. We work with lawyers who may not have sufficient time or resources to handle a particular type of case. For example, cases against large trucking companies can be expensive and time-consuming to prosecute. Referring lawyers can still represent their existing clients, and, by utilizing our experience and resources can free-up valuable time to work on other matters and still be entitled to be paid an attorney fee in a joint-representation agreement. Please call us if you would like to discuss joint representation arrangements.