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Finding Legal Representation

January 29, 2013

Question:           What should I look for when finding legal representation?


Answer:            While there are plenty of knowledgeable attorneys with fancy degrees, the best and most effective lawyers care about their clients.  It is a simple concept.  Unfortunately, not all lawyers care equally about clients. Some care more about retainers than they do clients.  So, get to know your lawyer when considering whether to hire them.  Ask yourself questions and ask the lawyer questions.  Is the lawyer willing to talk to you personally?  Does he listen?  Do I feel comfortable with him or her?  Does it feel like my lawyer will fight for me. 


A lawyer who truly cares for his or her client will be much more effective than a lawyer who practices from an ivory tower.  Choose someone who will fight and who will stand strongly by your side.  Finally, trust your instincts. 

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