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Lawyer Joe Napiltonia joins Hardee, Martin & Donahoe!

December 4, 2013

We are proud to announce Lawyer Joe Napiltonia has joined our firm.  A former Navy SEAL, Joe defends veterans when their rights have been infringed upon by corporations or employers after return from active military service.  Federal law mandates job protection for those who must leave employment to serve our country.  Joe protects those rights for our veterans.  


Joe's experience as a Navy SEAL has shaped the way he practices law. He takes a tough, aggressive approach in every case. While a SEAL, Joe served in combat in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993. For his service he was awarded a Combat Action Ribbon and a Commendation from the Secretary of the Navy.  


Joe graduated from Georgetown University and the University of Florida Law School.  You may read his full bio by clicking on the link below and visiting the special website he has established for veterans: 

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