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Secrets Law Firms DON'T Want You to Know

April 3, 2013

Many of our current and past clients at HARDEE, MARTIN & DONAHOE, P.A. hire our lawyers after having gotten fed-up with other law firms.  We hear the same complaints over and over, "They wouldn't return my calls", "I never talked to a lawyer, just an assistant", "They were afraid to go to court", "It seemed like they were working for the other side."


The last statement may be closer to the truth than one may imagine.  Ever heard the term "settlement mill"?  In the legal profession this means a law firm that is afraid to go to court and will sell their clients out.  Instead of personal referrals and hard-earned reputations, the settleement mills rely on heavy marketing gimmicks and hokey commercials.  In personal injury cases, the insurance companies know the settlement mills have the assistants do all the work.  Lawyers may never even touch the case.  In criminal cases, the prosecutors know the settlement mills may immediately convince their clients to plead guilty.  Insurance companies and prosecutors love settlement mills. 


At HARDEE, MARTIN & DONAHOE, our lawyers have been trying cases in front of judges and juries for thirty-five years.  Insurance companies know it and prosecutors know it.  Now it's time for the public to know it.  If you want justice, don't hire a settlement mill. 


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