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Trucking companies oppose new limits on driving time

March 28, 2013

According to, the trucking industry opposes new limits on driving hours and is worried these limits will derease revenue by as much as $470 million dollars a year industry wide.  In support of their opposition, the industry blames the Obama administration for “exaggerating” data related to fatigue-caused crashes.  

The target of the opposition is a rule proposed to go in effect that would require truckers to take at least 34 hours or two consecutive nights of rest each week to combat fatigue-related driver errors.  The American Trucking Association filed and argued their opposition to safety rules to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  Proponents of the mandatory rest believe the data supports a corresponding increase in safety and reduction in fatigue-related collisions.  In support of this conclusion, the Obama administration cites data that indicates 13 percent of truck-related crashes are caused by fatigue.  The trucking industry, on the other hand, argued that the data cited by the administration only establishes that fatigue was “present” at the time of these crashes and did not establish fatigue caused the collisions.  Therefore, they argue, trucking companies should be able to allow drivers to continue to operate large trucks without a mandatory 34 hour rest every week. 

The case is styled, American Trucking Associations, Inc. v. FMSCA, 12-01092, (D.C. App.).  


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