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Civil Litigation in Jackson, Tennessee

Civil litigation deals with legal problems between two or more parties that can usually be resolved through financial means—not criminal penalties. Examples include personal injury lawsuits, contract dispute resolution, and a host of other civil matters.

Whether you need to file a lawsuit or defend yourself from being sued, Hardee, Martin & Donahoe meets the challenge. With a team of attorneys who are prepared to take your case to court if necessary, you can rest easy knowing that your attorney will work hard to resolve the issue in your best interests.

We analyze your opponent's case to uncover weaknesses that they are trying to use against you. We have the experience and skill to anticipate courtroom tactics, respond to them, and keep your case strong throughout the entire lawsuit.

Tennessee law firm offers a wide spectrum of trial experience

The attorneys of Hardee, Martin & Donahoe, P.A. offer you superior experience and talent in the fields of civil and criminal representation. You can count on us to represent you diligently and aggressively in any legal issue you may face in Tennessee.

Our goal is to maximize financial recovery in our clients' civil trials and use our professional resources to fight for clients' rights.