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Civil Rights Lawyer in Tennessee

The law protects individuals from authority figures depriving them of their Constitutional rights.  For example a federal statute, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 allows someone who has been deprived of their Constitutional rights to bring a claim against the persons responsible.  If successful in proving the claim, the law also allows for the recovery of attorney fees, so those who cannot otherwise afford to hire a lawyer, may still bring legal claims.  

Examples of types of cases the legal team at Hardee, Martin, Donahoe & Owens handles are

  • use of excessive force by police;
  • unlawful search and seizure; and
  • cruel and unusual punishment claims.  

We also help protect the Constitutional rights parents have which protect their relationship with their children and help ensure children are not unlawfully taken by Child Protective Services. Call today if you believe your Constitutional protections have been violated by an authority.  We offer free initial consultations.  (800)443-3191