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Employment Law - what are your rights?

What can I do if my company doesn' t pay me what I'm owed? Can my employer sue me? What can I do if I've been discriminated against or fired? Disputes can happen between corporations and their employees.  Corporations can fail to pay the proper wages, fail to pay for overtime, or mis-categorize employees in an attempt to pay lower wages. Corporations can also unlawfully discriminate against people.   All persons have the right to be free from unlawful discrimination and to be paid the wages they are entitled to under the law.  If you believe you have been cheated or not been paid what you are entitled to, you may have a legal claim.  


Our lawyers have successfully handled cases in federal court involving claims for relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other laws. Examples of violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act include failing to pay for time worked, failing to pay overtime, misclassifying workers as exempt to escape paying overtime and missapplying rules governing payment of overtime wages. Employers can also engage in unlawful discriminatory conduct and retaliate against workers for engaging in lawfully protected activities or fail to provide reasonable accomondations to those who are disabled. If any of these things have happened to you, please call (731)424-2151 for a free consultation to protect your legal rights. There are also provisions in the law which may entitle you to payment of liquidated damages and attorney fees.