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Social Security Law

Our attorneys can help you secure financial assistance

When you are severely injured or have a debilitating disease, supporting yourself can become an impossibility unless you are independently wealthy. Fortunately, you can depend on some social programs to help heal your medical conditions and maintain your living expenses.

The Social Security Administration provides government-sponsored financial assistance in the form of monthly disability payments to disabled people. If you have a serious injury or disease that keeps you from working, you may qualify for these Social Security benefits.

The disability attorneys at the law firm of Hardee, Martin & Donahoe can determine your eligibility and begin the legal processes required to assert your right to claim disability benefits. If you are denied benefits we immediately get to work on your appeal.

How our attorneys help you prove your claim

The process of obtaining Social Security benefits can be a difficult one. Many people find it too frustrating to make their way through the government's system, especially when the stumbling block is medical evidence. Too many people with qualifying conditions of disability find themselves facing denials of benefits. Our attorneys press the legal issues with these measures:

  • Analysis of medical records
  • Determining where more information is needed
  • Documenting medical conditions in a compelling presentation
  • Adhering to administrative protocol
  • Submitting a comprehensive claim to Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Filing an administrative appeal if necessary

The attorneys of Hardee, Martin & Donahoe have the experience to know what to expect during your claim process. We are there to support our clients through every step of their claim with patience and legal guidance. We do our best to make sure your claim is complete and fully indicates the true nature of your disability. We know that little mistakes can cause long delays. Let us use our knowledge of the system to help you.

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